Sophomores - Juniors - Seniors

The reasons to attend summer school is: Missing one or more graduation requirements, to remain UC/CSU eligible D’s in required courses must be remediated, to move ahead in Math/Languages students must have a “C” or better.


Your child needs to be enrolled in summer school to make up one or more classes using our online platform called APEX. High school students will complete one course at a time. Students must complete 70% of the prescribed work and pass the end of the class final for credit recovery. Students will be dropped from the class if they do not log in daily Monday-Thursday.


  • If your student has not logged in within the first week, they will be dropped from the class.

  • Online classes will be held Monday – Friday 7:45  am- 12:00 pm from June 17th -July 23rd through APEX enrollment. If your student completes a class and needs another class for credit recovery, they will be enrolled for a second class and informed of this.

  • Students will be enrolled by their counselor for credit recovery.

  • If your student does not have a device, please contact the district office to sign up for one.

  • Please fill out the consent form below:

Summer School Registration Form for Grades 9 - 11 in English

Summer School Registration Form for Grades 9 - 11 in Spanish