College Bound


College Bound is a college and career readiness program that provides one-on-one advisement and career exploration to 60 high school students. Members receive individualized academic support, mentoring, and resources to ensure they graduate from high school and have a plan to be college and career ready.

Contact Abril Carrasco or Ms Guevara for more information or stop by the College and Career Center Monday through Friday (12pm and 5pm). Please turn in your completed application to the College and Career Center room 601. 


College Bound Site

Below is the link to the College Bound website. Here you will find information on webinars. We are currently finishing our Summer program therefore there are no webinars listed. As the school year commences, we will update it. To sign up for webinars, simply click on the Registration link and input your information. You will then receive an email with the zoom link and info. 



We are currently working on adding applications to the CB website. For the time being, students may use the following link to access an adobe version of our application. Students can fill it out and download a copy. They can then send in their application via email. Once we receive it we will be able to enroll the student into our program.