Yearbook Co-Advisor Kelly Walthers

Yearbook Co-Advisor Daniel Meza

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Why Yearbook?

With the proliferation of social media and ease of sharing digital content with friends and family, one may wonder what place a physical yearbook has in today’s world. People scroll through hundreds of images each day but what images really matter? How much of an impact do these photos really have? Why does buying a yearbook matter in 2017?


The answer is simple. Today’s student’s love to look at old yearbooks. Like looking at old family photos, there’s a special magic to seeing images of familiar places and faces from year’s past. Buying a yearbook today is an investment in the future. A miniature time capsule that you’ll carry with you into adulthood. A chapter in your own history book during your most formative years. 


Own a slice of Orange High history and buy your yearbook today…..