Club Name Club Advisor

Room #

Club President Meeting Information
Art Club Mrs. Jollineau 507 Belen Gutierrez Wednesdays @ lunch in 507
Book Club Mr. Van Veen T-1 Mackenzie Cuevas

Wednesdays @ lunch in T-1

Bring Change to Mind

Ms. Church &
Mr. Ricupito

929 Ace Vargas

Thursdays @ lunch in 929

Christ In Action Mrs. Buttrey 401 Jonathan Velazquez Tuesdays @ lunch in 401

CA Scholarship Federation

Mrs. Brady-Haley 502 Lance Vu 1st and 3rd Friday each month in Room 502
Drama Club Ms. Maggi 800 Coral Leal Wednesdays @ lunch in 800
Environmental Club Ms. Francoeur 904 Tho Nguyen Thursdays @ lunch in 904
E-Sports Club Mr. Say 310    
Expanding Horizons Mr. Alvarez Gil T-14 Anabel Delgado Wednesday and Fridays @ Lunch in
room T-14
FFA Ms. Velasquez
Mr. Courtney
808 Aislyn Duran Last Thursday of the month @ 2:30pm
in room 808
Film Club Mr. Dan 806B Finn Sapeta Thursdays @ lunch in room 806B
Girls League Ms. Ferdousi 302 Hannah Ochoa Fridays @ lunch in 302
Key Club

Ms. Wielenga

503 Tho Nguyen Wednesday @ lunch in 503
K-Pop Club Ms. Maggi 800 Samantha Roman Every other Thursday @ lunch in 800
National Honor Society Mr. Drake T-12 Ariana Ortega Every other Wednesday @ lunch in T-12
OHS Panther Buddies Mr. Paez 913 Ava Barone Thursdays @ lunch in 913
Panthers Against Cancer Ms. Visconti 403 Narali Martinez Early Release Fridays in room 403
Panther Cub Club Mrs. Ellis 409 Shanielle Davalos 2nd Thursday of the month @ lunch
in room 409
Red Cross Club Ms. Boyd 407 Ashley Maldonado Every Other Tuesday @ lunch in room 407
Sociedad Honoraria Hispanica Senora Awwad T-7 Celine Quiroz Mondays @ lunch in T7
Societe Honoraire de Fransais Mr. Goodlander T-8 Emily Mercado  
Tabletop Games Club Mr. Yit T-24 Daniel Salinas

Lunch in room T-24

Film Club Mr. Dan 806B Finn Sapeta Fridays @ lunch in room 806B
Young Life Mr. Astor T-2 Ethan Soto Wednesdays @ lunch in room T-25