Make It MatterPRIDE Tickets

PRIDE Tickets:

Staff members can give tickets to students for showing elements of PRIDE.

Tickets can be redeemed for items at the PRIDE store.  The PRIDE store is located in the back of the cafeteria, before school and at lunch on every Modified Friday.

Each month, several students are recognized as Panthers of the Month.

How can I EARN a PRIDE ticket?

When teachers or staff members see you exhibiting an element of PRIDE: picking up trash, wearing a college shirt on Wednesdays, helping a new student to the library, getting all A's on a test—the opportunities are endless.

What’s in the PRIDE Store?

Shirts, sweaters, hats, water bottles, backpacks, plushy toys, pens, pencils, cell phone ID holders, lanyards—and much more!

How YOU can get involved?

Join the team and show up to the monthly PRIDE meetings to help make decisions about events and incentives. Monthly meeting are held in room 409 during lunch.

Monthly PRIDE Recognition:  Each month we focus on the positive behaviors outlined in the PRIDE acronym.


P - Participation

R - Respect        

I - Integrity          

 D - Determination

E - Excellence