The focus of the PRIDE program is to recognize students, staff and faculty based on academics, character and achievements. PRIDE is an acronym that stands for preparedness, respect, integrity, determination and excellence. The goal of this program is as follows: To create a campus culture that rewards and praises academic achievement as well as character qualities, make OHS a place where students, staff and faculty are proud to be a part of and to Improve academic, attendance and tardy issues facing OHS.

Each month, the PRIDE committee will focus on a specific area to recognize and reward students for engaging in positive behaviors: Monthly Themes: Make IT Matter- September Preparedness, November- October-Respect, November- Integrity, January- Determination, February- Excellence, March- Penny Drive, April- Testing, May- Spirit, June- Graduation

In addition, the PRIDE program creates a proactive school environment by providing assemblies, socials and activities for students to participate in. Therefore, there are certain items necessary to achieve and recognize these goals.

PRIDE Coordinators

Mrs. Garcia and Ms. Kenyon