After advancing through intense preliminary rounds of the online competition that began in October, the OHS Marine Corps JROTC Academic Team has qualified to compete in the JLAB National Championship in Washington, DC from June 24-28.   The cadets were tested on their knowledge of core curriculum such as math, science, language arts, current events, citizenship, leadership and financial literacy.  The team finished in the top 8 out of 110 participating teams to advance to the championship.  From left to right is our team of Cadets Pedro Velasco, Dylan Salamipour, Sean Perez, and Anh Pham.  Good luck in the National Championship Panthers! 

MCJROTC Instructors

Colonel Mark M. Tull
United States Marine Corps (Retired)
Senior Marine Instructor
Orange High School Marine Corps JROTC

(714) 997 – 6211 (Ext. 5666)

MSgt Carlos Mata

The Marine Corps Junior Reserve Officers Training Corps (JROTC) Program:

Since its inception in 1916, the JROTC program has been a strong program that provides high school students with much-needed skills in citizenship and leadership.  Numerous studies have shown that students who participate in JROTC programs have better attendance, grades, and graduation rates relative to students who were in general academic programs.

The effects of a Marine Corps JROTC (MCJROTC) unit extend far beyond the classroom and into the community in developing character, leadership, and civic responsibility. The program makes a difference by keeping kids in school, providing an environment conducive to their personal development and growth, and helping them become productive members of the community. The program ultimately produces young men and women who are ready to accept the privileges and responsibilities of citizenship.

The MCJROTC program IS NOT FOR RECRUITING!! Instead, it is a program designed to impart skills that make cadets more college ready and prepared to succeed in the future.  Very few cadets who join MCJROTC choose to enter the service.   

There is no cost to participate in MCJROTC!  All uniforms are issued free of charge, and all activities (field trips, participation on teams, picnics, etc.) are fully funded by the program.

Marine Corps JROTC Activities/Benefits:

Color Guard – The Orange High School (OHS) MCJROTC unit’s Color Guard is a very active representative of the unit at public events.   Whether it’s presenting the American Flag at football games, assemblies, awards nights and graduation ceremonies, the MCJROTC Color Guard stands ready to serve Orange High School.  In the community, the MCJROTC Color Guard performs at parades, ceremonies, and sporting events. 

Drill Team - Military drill is a means of instilling discipline and esprit de corps and continues to be one of the most effective methods for developing the confidence and leadership abilities of Cadets.  OHS MCJROTC drill teams compete at local, state, regional and national drill competitions each year.  

Academic Team – The OHS MCJROTC unit participates in the All Service Joint Leadership and Academic Bowl (JLAB) each school year.  The JLAB is a competition where the team must answer questions related to the JROTC curriculum, current events, math, science and history within time limits.  The 2022 OHS MCJROTC Academic Team qualified for the National Championship held in Washington, DC.   

Cyber Security Team – OHS’ MCJROTC unit fields cyber-security teams that participate in the annual National Cyber Patriot competition.  Participating cadets have the opportunity to engage in online training programs in preparation, and cadets develop valuable and highly marketable cyber-security skills.  Two cadets were awarded scholarships to attend a cyber-security academy at Tuskegee University in Alabama in the summer of 2022.

Field Trips – The OHS MCJROTC unit provides cadets the opportunity to participate in field trips each semester.  The unit visits local military bases and cultural museums, conducts hikes and rappelling and engage in other activities.  

Marksmanship - Marksmanship is an integral part of the OHS MCJROTC curriculum. With an emphasis on safety, the MCJROTC Marksmanship curriculum allows cadets to develop pride and a sense of accomplishment as they become more proficient with their marksmanship skills using specially designed Daisy Air Rifles. 

Community Service - OHS MCJROTC Cadets volunteer hundreds hours of community service to the City of Orange and the surrounding area each year.  Cadets assist in food banks, help remove litter from beaches and parks, visit the elderly and the sick, and support community improvement in a multitude of other ways.  

Scholarships – Each year the OHS MCJROTC Association offers graduating cadets the opportunity to apply for scholarships to support higher education.  These scholarships, which may be renewed annually, can be applied toward tuition, books or other education related expenses.  There is no military obligation associated with these scholarships.  


Please see the OHS MCJROTC Association webpage (www.ohsmcjrotc.org) for additional information.