Early College Academy

Early College Application - English (Link will be coming soon!)

Early College Application - Spanish (Link will be coming soon!)

Early College Academy Course Offerings

Orange Unified School District and Orange High School supports the vision that all students should be college and career ready when they leave high school. The Early College Academy will expose students with a more rigorous curriculum that will help prepare them be more successful when faced with the demands of college. Additionally, it will potentially help families reduce the cost of college in the future.


  • Concurrent enrollment with OHS and Santiago Canyon College
  • High School and College Credit - Students can potentially earn an Associates Degree and a High School diploma upon graduation
  • During the regular school day - EAC courses take up two classes in your child's schedule. Students take one course per semester
  • Supported with an OHS teacher
  • Santiago Canyon College Professors
  • EAC courses are a part of the IGETC program at SCC
  • Guaranteed transferable to any UC or CSU school


  • Potential Savings for 1 year of Community College tuition only = $1,326
  • Potential Savings for 1 year of CSU tuition only = $6,870
  • Potential Savings for 1 year of UC tuition only = $15,514