The Orange High Science department is in the process of implementing the newly adopted Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) in all of our classes. These include individual course content standards, as well as science and engineering practices and standards that span all sciences. The new standards emphasize inquiry based learning where students ask and answer questions using data to support their findings. In order to meet these standards we strive to provide hands on laboratories and activities where students work with current technologies in a collaborative setting. 

Mrs. Churney - Dept Chair
Chemistry & AP Chemistry


Ms. Bowling

Mrs. Courtney
Agricultural Biology,
Agricultural Chemistry &
Animal Science

Ms. Francoeur
Chemistry &
AP Environmental Science

Mrs. Gerbasi
Biology, AP Biology, &
Early College Academy 9

Mr. Mejia
Biology & Environmental Science

Mr. Mudry

Mr. Ricupito
Biology, Academic Support

Mrs. Sataki
Chemisty & Physiology

Ms. Shue
Biology, Physiology &
Early College Academy 11

Ms. Angie Velasquez
Agriculture Biology,
Agriculture Physics,
Veterinary Science,
Advance Sustainable &
Professional Internship - Animal Science