Performing Arts

Vocal Music

Mr. Sinclair, Choral Music Director 
(714) 997-6293 
Vocal Music Pathway Information 
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The Orange High School Vocal Music Department is a comprehensive leveled choral program, designed to maximize the potential in each student.  Our goal is to help our students not only understand and become proficient in music, but also to understand their role in our community. We show them how they can affect, in a positive way, their city, county, state and country with music and through community service. 

Current Choirs:
Treble Clef Chorus
Bass Clef Chorus
Advanced Women’s Chorus
Concert Choir 
Chamber Singers

Our choirs tour annually to Northern California (Odd number years), The East Coast and Europe (Alternate Even years).

Our choirs have performed with artists like Shania Twain, Josh Groben, Kenny Loggins.  Twenty Eight OHS  choir members were in the movie “Sister Act II” with Whoopee Goldberg. (the choir in the yellow robes).

Instrumental Music
Mr. Gellatly
Instrumental Music Pathway Information

Anyone with previous music experience or anyone interested in learning a new instrument may join Instrument Music. Students interested in the Symphony Orchestra and Drumline must audition. No audition is required for the String Orchestra, Concert Band, Marching Band, or Jazz Band.

Current Classes:
String Orchestra
Concert Band
Marching Band
Jazz Band 
Symphony Orchestra
Music Theory


Theater Arts
Mrs. Maggi and Mrs. Callas
Theater Arts Pathway Information

Theater arts enhances communication through script writing, direction, acting, design, and production. Students build their communication skills through participation in acting exercises, theater games, and scenes from plays. Students learn basic acting techniques and stage terminology, while developing confidence, and self-awareness and an appreciation of the theater.

Current Classes:
Theater Arts I
Theater Arts II
Theater Arts III